About Us

We go beyond the lab.

Family-centric relationships

At the heart of our business is family. Not only the family who started and still run this company but, more importantly, your family. We work hard to ensure that the long-term health of your family comes first.

Family values

A loved one’s health outcome often depends on our services–and our family doesn’t take that lightly.


Our commitment to quick and accurate communication enables life-giving, life-protecting care.


Clients depend on our reliability and accuracy. Its one reason we have so many long-term client relationships.

Problem solvers

We’ve been known to help our clients address logistics issues that others can’t see – improving their ability to turn our fast and accurate results into an actionable treatment plan.

Driven by consideration and compassion.

We've been in business long enough to know what really matters most.

We pride ourselves on our ability to roll up our sleeves, get to work, and focus on the services you actually need. From long-term care to outpatient services, by offering a personal touch, not a ticket, we can help you ensure the best possible outcome.

You’re in good hands.

Companies Who Trust Us

We are incredibly grateful to work with a diverse array of remarkable healthcare organizations, including over three hundred nursing facilities.

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